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Greetings and salutations! I am your friendly neighborhood moderator/owner/coffeemaker wattagoob.

This little community is for a select group of friends. However, I may allow others to join if they are interested. If you are not on my friends list but wish to join, tell me about yourself and give me a reasonable reason why you want to join and how you found the group. A bit about your views and thoughts may help you along as well (hint-hint). If you sound intelligent and mature, and actually have a few semi-intelligent entries I may allow you in, at MY discretion alone.

And of course, you will have to be added to my friends list. ;P

This is (hopefully) for a tight-knit group of friends to discuss whatever they wish in an intelligent, civilized manner. Religion, abortion, sexuality, politics, sexism, racism, current affairs, personal problems, relationships, whatever you guys want to talk about or share. It's much easier to talk here than trying to keep up with comments between two or three journals.

Also, if something is bothering you that you may not want to post in your normal LJ for whatever reason, come here and ask for advice. Don't hesitate to friends-lock an entry if it's personal.

I am keeping membership moderated to (hopefully) make this a group where we all know each other, and learn new things about ourselves and each other. I hope this will be a place where fun, personal, disturbing, and/or interesting things will be discussed, and where we can see new points of view. A side goal of moderated membership is to keep the idiots and trolls that are swarming over LJ at bay.

Sometimes, due to the very nature of debates and the topics being discussed, things may get a bit heated. Just remember, you are among friends here, and even the best of friends don't agree on everything. Don't let your temper get the better of you.

Keep it friendly, and most importantly


For now the rules are simple.


1) Do keep an open mind.
2) Do remember that people have a right to different views.
3) Do keep it civilized.
4) Do be prepared to explain why you feel the way you do in a friendly, intelligent manner.


1) Do NOT begin name-calling or flaming. Period.
2) Do NOT disable comments. Period.
3) Do NOT set a goal of changing someones mind. Period.
4) Do NOT get angry if your views are questioned. Period.

More to come as needed.

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